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Strixel provides most flexible, promising, need-based and focused services. More than streaming videos, we are here to Stream Excellence. We are a Web 2.0 company catering to the needs of individuals, corporates and institutions, offering them Live and On Demand Video Streaming services.

Strixel provides a complete solution for streaming video over IP networks. Strixel has the capability to webcast, record, store and rebroadcast video and audio over the Internet or on Corporate Intranets.

Strixel’s audio, video and data streaming solutions enhance communications and reduce costs for organizations, be it large or small.

Strixel’s highly scalable products and solutions effectively combine the latest Flash video compression technology with state-of-the-art networking.

At Strixel, we understand that when it comes to sharing business-related communication, you need someone you can rely on, and thoroughly too. And Strixel focuses on providing its clients with the kind of services, they would want to subscribe to.
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