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What is Strixel?
  Strixel Techologies encompasses a wide range of Internet based streaming technologies derived into a variety of products that enable the User to exchange Ideas and Information with anyone and anywhere.  
  What Products do we Offer?  
  Strixel Technologies offers the following products:  
  bullet Online Education (Eclassrooms and ETutor)
  bullet Online Video Surveillance
  bullet Online Events (Live Streaming of any Events from anywhere)
  Are my Payments Secure?  
  We would like to assure you that payment processing on our site is 100% secure. We use COMODO SSL for all our Online Payment Transaction Processing. You can see their icons on our website and on our final payments page. COMODO is another SSL provider just like VeriSign.  
  With so many products, what is right for me?  
  For a detailed product features and their relevance to your Industry you can write to us at:
Additionally follow this link to inquire about the Individual products. We shall always be glad to assist you.
  Online Video Security Surveillance & Monitoring:  
  Why is Online Video Surveillance better than CCTV?  
  IP-based online video surveillance has improved the effectiveness of video security by leaps and bounds over analog CCTV equipment. Today's online video surveillance solutions use an IP network, rather than complicated cabling setups, as the backbone for delivering information. This allows for flexible, cost-effective installation, remote video monitoring, improved storage, and a host of other benefits.  
  What Hardware do I need to View my Videos?  
  Other than the Hardware setup that we install at the location there is almost nothing you need to purchase. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection to view your videos.  
  Can I view my videos afterwards?  
  Yes you can. This solution allows upto 90 days of Archives which you can view anytime and anywhere.  
  What is the price? Is it Fixed or can I customize?  
  The price of the solution is quite dynamic. Based on the number of Cameras and the locations the price can be modified.  
  What type of Cameras are used?  
  IP (Internet Protocol) based Cameras are used to install the Solution. They are easy to install and maintain, and can be customized and scaled to perfectly match your specific needs.  
  Do I see a real video or is it slow moving pictures?  
  We provide very high quality Surveillance Video - Our technology gives you live Surveillance Video, not Snapshots or Pictures. We stream in Flash Media Format which is the best video compression technology in the market. This leads to Low Storage and Bandwidth Costs for the customer. You keep saving.  
  Who can benefit from your solution?  
  Our solution is aimed at a host of Industries. Some of the areas include: Offices, Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools & Colleges, Residences etc.  
  How Do I view a Demo and technical assistance?  
  Just write to us at and we shall contact you and setup the Demo.  
  Online Education:  
  What are EClassrooms?  
  Eclassroom is a virtual classroom wherein the students and the Instructor though geographically separated, can interact with each other through audio and video on the Internet thereby simulating a real classroom. It is an amalgamation of the age old traditional teaching methodology and the new age technological advancements.  
  Why do I need EClassrooms?  
  EClassrooms offer many inherent advantages over a conventional classroom  
  bullet Real time experience of a conventional Classroom.
  bullet Anytime anywhere flexibility.
  bullet Global Coverage – With students residing in any corner of the globe, EClassrooms provide a common platform for interaction and learning.
  bullet Cost Effective
  bullet Allows learning in accustomed ambience – with the flexibility of attending the classes from the comfort of either home or office, the learning process becomes more Effective.
  Who can benefit from this Solution?  
  Though mainly targeting educational Institutions, the EClassrooms has universal benefits. With varied levels of customization EClassrooms can be applied to diverse fields  
  bullet Educational Institutions – especially Universities providing distance education can bring the students on to a common platform. The age of impersonal course ware is replaced by a more personal association with the Instructor.
  bullet Corporate companies which undertake annual seminars or workshops for the employees can incorporate EClassroomses instead and save the hassles of time and money.
  bullet Professional willing to undergo advanced training in their field of expertise can do so without any interruptions to their current work profile.
  Some of the Students have missed the Lecture. What do they do?  
  Our Eclassrooms have the facility to store the recorded lecture upto a month after the Live Lecture has completed. Students can view these recorded lectures at their will anytime anywhere.  
  How do the Students interact with the Instructor?  
  The Eclassrooms have an inherent feature known as “Raise Hand”. The students can use this feature to obtain permission and interact with the Instructor. The instructor has the option to choose and give permission among the requests that he gets. When the selected student starts to stream his audio and Video all the remaining students see both the Instructor and Student’s video so that even they know what the conversation is.

In addition to this the Solution has Live Text chat for instant Interaction with the option of choosing the Chat to be public (echo'ed to all students) or private (between students and the Instructor).
  What Internet speed do the students need?  
  A Streaming speed of 150Kbps gives good quality video. Moreover the bit rate can be modified as required. It is therefore recommended that the students have at least 256 Kbps Internet speed.  
  What about Practice Tests?  
  Our Eclassrooms solution provides 2 modes of Tests. One at the main Class Level and the other at the Chapter level. These tests are Multiple Choice questions that the student can take specific number of times (this number can be specified).  
  Can the Instructor share any documents with the Students?  
  Yes. There are infact two ways to that.
During the Live Class the Instructor can share the documents with the student along with a host of other useful features like – whiteboard, mathematical formulae etc.
After the class is completed these documents then can be made available to the students to download
  Is there any way to assess my Students Performance and Attendance?  
  Our Solution provides comprehensive reports on every possible statistics ranging from the Students Attendance, The recorded lectures they watched their performance in the Tests and many more. We do ensure that not even a minor details goes missing.  
  What about the Pricing and Commitments?  
  Please mail us at for further details. Please note that there are no pre commitments.  
  Online Events:  
  What are Online Events (Live Streaming) and how does it work?  
  Live Streaming is the process of sending any Live Event over the Internet so that people around the world can watch it instantly. The Event is captured live and fed into a laptop or PC at the Event Location. The Live Event feed is encoded, compressed and uploaded to our streaming servers. Viewers around the World watch LIVE when the Event is streamed into their Computers from our streaming Servers.  
  Where do the Viewers watch the Video?  
  When your Event is registered with us, a sub domain is created for ex: You can now pass on this URL to the people you would want to watch. Alternately you can invite the people by sending an Email from our Website.
  What do I get along with the Registration?  
  Apart fom the actual streaming the following are included:  
  bullet Separate sub domain for the Event ex:
  bullet Customization of this Website with the Theme of your Choice and the Photos of your Choice.
  bullet Online chat service for Viewers during the live event coverage.
  bullet Technical Support to viewers during the Event time.
  bullet On Demand access to the Video after the Event.
  What are the requirements to view?  
  Your viewers require a computer which has an Internet connection, Internet Browser like IE or Mozilla and a Flash player 8 or higher version. If they do not have flash plug-in, you can download it from
  What if I don’t have Internet Connection at the Venue?  
  If your venue does not have a high speed broadband internet connection, we shall broadcast the event with the wireless broadband option.  
  What about recorded Video?  
  On demand video is available on our site for 45 days after the completion of the Event. It will be available in the same sub domain where the Live Event is streamed. Viewers can see the Video any number of times. There is no restriction.  
  What is the Pricing for an Event?  
  The Pricing depends on the number of Hours and the number of People expected to view the Event. You can contact us at for further details.  
  I would like people to pay for viewing my Event. Can I do that?  

Yes. That is possible. All you need to do is register a Public Event and contact us. We shall then inform you about the payment and revenue sharing.

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