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ONLINE EDUCATION - Interactive Live/On-Demand eClassRooms - eContent - Tests

Live eClassRoom Services - Strixel's Live eClassRoom is a web based solution that facilitates the Live Streaming of regular classroom teaching on the Internet to help distant and remote students attend the classrooms online. The session can be streamed to any number of concurrent online viewers. The solution also has 2-Way interactive capabilities.

Live eTutoring Services - Both Live eClassRoom and Live eTutoring services have the same features except that eClassRoom allows 1-N webcasting with 2-way interactive sessions whereas eTutoring allows only 1-1 interactive session.

eContent Services- Both Live eClassRooms and eTutoring come with eContent module that has text and document based features like Online Tests, FAQs, Glossary, References, Summary, etc. The module also has the capability to make the recordings of the Live eClassRooms/eTutoring available online.
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